Bobrisky blasts IG troll, Bold Pink, for attacking Mimi Orjiekwe

Controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky has weighed in on the recent fight between IG troll, Bold Pink, and actress Mimi Orjiekwe.

In a post he shared on his IG page this morning, Bobrisky expressed his disappointment at Mimi Orjiekwe for replying Bold Pink whom he described as an ”Elephant with Fat face”.

Read what he wrote below;

@mimiorjiekweng did you just give dis fat pig your attention. I’m not a friend to Mimi but she disappointed me by replying dis ELEPHANT ?with fat face. If dis is wat some of you call sexy as a lady then am ready to stay as SHIM forever or better still stay confused in my gender forever. For those of you that know her if you see dis girl teeth while talking….you will appreciate yourself more. Her teeth is an example of a brand new shovel. And the most annoying part is she never wear original hair. All her hairs are from aba made, every hair on her head are always tangled like local restaurants sponge ?.You are calling out celebrities while you look so stupid ?????.

Guys the new method people wanna grow their useless career is by insulting celebrities so people could noticed them. Ever since I caught their new method I stopped replying them. If you want to be famous pay for shoutout you will get one. Dis ape ? right here want to be famous so bad, but my advice is she should go and hustle. Everything about her shapeless.
1) her teeth look like a hungry rabbit ?
2) her wide mouth like a retired prostitute
3) the look from her hair to her shoulder look like someone they are about to use for a sacrifice
4) wat is that thing on her neck ? she look like a SLAVE. Bold pink or whatever you cal your name. Before you cal out anybody go and get your shapeless body done ? first then come back we all will listen to you. But looking like dis and you wanna talk naaaa nobody will never listen to you.

See his post below;

Bobrisky blasts IG troll, Bold Pink, for attacking Mimi Orjiekwe

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