Boat cruise ends in disaster as it capsized, 3 alleged final-year medical students missing

A leisurely boat cruise took a tragic turn yesterday at Marina Resort Calabar when the boat carrying a group of individuals capsized.

The Nigerian Navy swiftly intervened, conducting a rescue operation to save those in distress.

Reports indicate that among the passengers were final year medical students, and unfortunately, three of them are still missing. Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing incident that unfolded during the boat cruise.

The group, consisting of the medical students, embarked on the excursion when the boat encountered an unforeseen mishap, leading to its capsizing.

The precise cause of the incident is yet to be determined. Authorities were alerted immediately, prompting a rapid response from the Nigerian Navy.

Rescuers quickly arrived at the scene and initiated search and rescue efforts to locate and save the individuals who were still unaccounted for.

The Nigerian Navy’s intervention proved crucial in providing assistance during this tragic event. As the rescue operation unfolds, the identities of the missing medical students have not yet been disclosed.

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