Bloody Civilian debunks father’s demise following supposed obituary

Fast-rising singer Bloody Civilian clarifies a supposed obituary photo of her dad posted in celebration of Father’s Day, triggering speculations amongst fans.

This came after the singer took to her X account to share a photo of her and her father that suggested a transition to a glory post.

bloody civilian

Fans and well-wishers mistook the photo for her dad’s obituary, stirring an outpour of consolatory posts on the singer’s page while others found it hilarious.

Debunking the death of her father, Bloody Civilian clarified how the photo was simply a product of a photo editor she got her hands on.

Bloody Civilian debunks father's demise following supposed obituary

“My father is not dead. I just don’t have a photo editor. Like the photo and wish us well pls,” she wrote.