‘Black men love stupid women so they can manipulate them’ – Huddah Monroe

Keyan socialite and CEO of Huddah cosmetics, Huddah Monroe has described the kind of women black men loves.  According to her post on IG, black men love to be with stupid women so they can manipulate them.

She added that black men are scared of smart and educated girl so she can’t wait to have her degree so that black men will be scared of her too.

“If you have an illiterate wife. Your kids are bound to be illiterate. But black men love a stupid woman so they can manipulate them. They are so scared of a smart, educated woman. I can’t wait for my degree.

What would happen if we gave women power one day? All African countries led by female presidents? They would be a better place. Men have failed us!

When a woman gives birth. Even if she has no means to feed the child. She will find a way. She won’t let her child suffer. No matter what she will take care of the child. School her baby and shelter and feed them.

So look at your country as a bay. Let’s for once give a chance ti women and see the magic they’ii do. They won’t let their countries suffer EVER! They’II do what it takes to create a safe haven for their baby.

Who’s spends the most time with Kids? It’s women. Educate a woman. Uplift a woman and you educate & uplift a whole nation. A whole generation, the whole world.”, she wrote.

Below is the post:

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