“Belle no gree make she smile”- Moment man tries so hard to make his pregnant wife smile at party (Video)

A man identified as @paidolove attempted to bring a smile to his pregnant wife’s face through an impromptu dance performance at a party.

However, the video has resonated with viewers worldwide, as it showcases the emotional challenges faced by pregnant women and the importance of providing support during this transformative period.

The viral video features Paido, an adoring husband, dancing enthusiastically to a lively tune, seemingly in a desperate effort to lift his wife’s spirits.

His wife, visibly pregnant, watches the performance without a smile, highlighting the complexity of emotions that pregnancy can entail.

The video struck a chord with viewers, who empathized with the challenges of pregnancy and the emotions that come with it

The clip quickly gained traction on TikTok, amassing millions of views and numerous comments from netizens.

Netizens Reactions…

@Shesoul22 said; “This guy is trying his best to put a smile on her face, is not easy being pregnant.”

@user1369931687536 said; “Making a pregnant lady happy is not easy, she only knows wats in her mind.”

@Juliet Asiyo reacted; “The baby is telling her to cry.”

@golddiggerwitchbitchboss said; “Noise & crowds are a no no to pregnancy, just want to go home.”

@Adhiambo Mary said; “Still obsessed with her.”

@portiatetteh700 reacted; “Much proud of this guy, he never lets the lady stay at home for him to send different lady out.”

@DORIS ADB reacted; “When you want everyone to know you are real man.”

@Pasyangel reacted; “This guy can be one of the best husband’s. Don’t stop giving her joy and may God continue to bless your union.”

@Nashlylove reacted; “Just trying to make her laugh.”

@cidygatwiri said; “This is me now. When am pregnant am always stressed over nothing.”

@Estherlove said; “God na this kind man I want la.”

@Thick serwaa reacted; “Am sure she is thinking about food.

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