“Before you fly” – Things to consider before moving abroad

A South African lady identified as Nonhle has taken to social media to share her insights on the essential factors to consider before moving abroad.

Nonhle, currently residing in Germany for over a decade, took to her TikTok page to share her perspective on the essential considerations when relocating to a foreign country.

Nonhle began her video by dispelling the myth that there exists a perfect country or city for everyone. She emphasized that the ideal location varies from person to person.

Drawing from her personal experience, Nonhle expressed that no matter how much research one conducts or advice one seeks, the true understanding of a country’s suitability can only be gained through firsthand experience.

"Before you fly" - Things to consider before moving abroad

She went on point out the misconception that living abroad is synonymous with paradise, Nonhle emphasized that every city or country, be it London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, or Hamburg, comes with its unique set of positives and negatives.

The Germany-based lady outlined two crucial factors to consider before making the life-altering decision to move abroad.

Firstly, individuals should be clear about the reasons for emigrating. Nonhle urged prospective expats to question their motivations for leaving behind friends and family to start anew in a foreign land.

Secondly, she recommended making a comprehensive list of priorities.

According to her, this involves clarifying expectations in the foreign country, whether it’s safety, climate, language, or professional opportunities

For instance, she suggests considering whether one prefers a country where English is the official language or if one is willing to learn a new language.

Professional considerations, such as the desire to work in tech and live in Silicon Valley or pursue an acting career in Hollywood, should also factor into the decision-making process.

The lady stressed the importance of conducting personal research to align one’s goals and priorities.

Despite extensive research, she emphasized that individuals will never truly know if a country or city is perfect for them until they have lived there.

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