“Before you marry a man, you must see his penis and make sure it’s working” – Clergywoman tells women

A clergywoman, reverend Dr. Nana Yaa Prempeh has stirred up controversy by advising women to inspect a man’s sexual organ before entering into marriage.

The unconventional suggestion, which has raised eyebrows, was made in a television interview.

During the interview, Rev. Dr. Prempeh boldly expressed her belief.

I am one of the women of God who thinks that before you marry a man, you must see his penis. You must see it, you must hold it, you must feel it and make sure it’s working,” Dr. Nana Yaa Prempeh said.

The clergywoman’s statement took the host by surprise, evident in their visibly shocked reaction.

Unbothered by the discomfort in the room, Rev. Prempeh addressed the response, saying, “Ah, why are you being like uncomfortable like that?”

The comments made by the clergywoman have sparked a wide range of reactions on social media.

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