#BBTitans: Fear men – Fans drag Yemi for cruising with two ladies

Big Brother Naija fans have dragged Yemi Cregx into the mud for flirting with two South African ladies; Khosi and Blue Aiva.

yemi cregx

Yemi Cregx who has been in a relationship (ship) with Khosi since the first week the reality show began has jumped into another ship with Blue Aiva.

Recall that Yemi and Khosi shared a passionate kiss bare 48 hours after they arrived at the Big Brother Naija house. Their instant relationship caused a lot of people to talk on social media.

A few days after Blue Aiva also joined the other housemates, Yemi got attached to her. The two have been seen countless times having a couple moments together.

In a new development, social media users have lambasted Yemi after he was seen in the bed of Khosi yesterday all loved up and also kissing her while denying being in any form of a ship with Blue Aiva.

Read some reactions below…

@achabee  said: “What is paining me about this my khosi is that,she knows Yemi is with Blue and you’re still falling for his gameFear men.” 

@gan_ggb also commented: “Y’all acting surprised #yorubademon ” 

@simondigbo also wrote: “My God will Judge Yemi”

@bougie also said: “This guy is beginning to disgust me. As much as he’s a fine boy he shouldn’t toy with people like this.”

@mercyjames also said: “Yemi the latest polygamist Aye,,,,Khosi your brain need some checks.”

@fortunemarshall also wrote: “Yemi with his long throat feels his on top of his game his just been insecure because miracle has confessed his love for khosi publicly am telling you his love for khosi isn’t real. his just using her and that is emotional damage. As for blue Aiva he likes her because of her personality he is not giving up on them.” 

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