Big Brother Naija “Lockdown” edition finalist, Vee has expressed surprise that people are still shocked she didn’t attend a university.Vee didn’t attend a university

As a result of her level of intelligence and how articulate she is, Vee has got Nigerians talking after she revealed that does not have a university degree.

Vee, surprised that people still feel shocked that she did not attend a university, took to her official Twitter page and asked, “Is it still shocking people that I didn’t go to university?”

Below are some reactions gathered from the reality star’s Twitter post…

Olayemi wrote; “I wonder. University isn’t meant for everybody. A man’s success is not tied to the university. It’s a long thing let me just stop here. Keep soaring,darling”

Shady wrote; “Huh? And you are so articulated and intelligent, abeg let me tell my mom, I don’t need to go to university, I already know English”

Michelle wrote; “You’re very articulate, but It was quite obvious. I wonder why a lot of people didn’t notice.”

Temmz wrote; “Lol! What’s university education when you have Vee’s kind of intelligence and confidence? Sis, you will give a lot of university graduates a run for their money. No cap!”

Captain wrote; “Who university help…. did your Mr president attain university level.”

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