BBNaija #BBNaija Day 9: The fight for food, the kisses, the lap dance,...

#BBNaija Day 9: The fight for food, the kisses, the lap dance, the tears, and lots more…


#BBNaija Day 9 was a combination of happy and sad moments; the fight for food, the kisses, the lap dance, the tears, and lots more…

#BBNaija Day 9

Day 9: Is this still about food?

Praise expresses his views to his housemates about the showdown that took place this morning, while Lucy and Prince discuss the way forward and bring the Housemates to the table to keep the peace.

Day 9 : Tears that heal
Breaking down can lead to building up in Biggie’s House

There’s something magically healing about a good cry. It releases pent up aggression and helps relieve tension. Today the Housemates needed to weep, and they gave us a whole lot more tears than we expected!

The reason the Housemates needed a good cry was healing. The discussion earlier in the day had brought a lot of the Housemates nearly to the point of sobbing, but there was a general feeling of unfinished business even after the resolution. This is when we learned that when it comes to giving the Housemates exactly what they need, nobody knows better Biggie.

The tears weren’t the goal, but rather the result. The goal was to get the Housemates to reflect on all the issues and stresses that have been affecting them, and the method was a Yoga session.

The beauty of Yoga is that it allows one the time to combine movement and meditation to achieve holistic healing. When the meditation portion of the Yoga came about, the Housemates started to tear up, almost in unison as they reflected on their lives and interactions in the Household. With each passing tear, it became obvious that this exercise was serving its purpose and doing what the conversation couldn’t provide real healing.

#BBNaija Day 9
After the Yoga was completed tears could be seen on the faces of Praise, Lucy, Prince, and even stone-faced boss lady Ka3na. The relief was written all over their their faces as peace had returned to the Big Brother Household…. but for how long?

Day 9: What’s the fuss about?

Ka3na and Tolanibaj get into it at the breakfast table – hot hot.

Day 9: Going with the flow

Erica has had enough boy drama, while Kiddwaya goes with the flow of the situationship.

Day 9: Name-calling, hook-ups and rolls of the dice

Amidst the drama and heat, learning and unlearning we have a new Head of House.

Day 9: Food worth fighting for

#BBNaija Day 9
The Housemates got into a heated argument, and resolved it like bosses!

There are many moments in life when fighting is necessary and valid, but today in Biggie’s House the food issue caused so much drama that it nearly burst our brains! The whole situation kicked off in the kitchen when our regular cook, Ka3na went off on Tolanibaj for dishing out after having eaten earlier in the morning. Tolanibaj then rudely reiterated that Ka3na’s policies around food are not practical. This elicited many different responses and started the biggest fight we have seen in the Household so far. There were screams, swear words, and threats so strong that even Biggie would have shuddered when hearing them.

Of the people most offended by her stance, Tolanibaj and Praise were the most vocal. If you repeated any of the words they said at work, you would find yourself unemployed and recovering from a slap. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and the Housemates sat down at the table to discuss the issue and come to a common understanding.

Prince was the most level headed and set the tone for the reconciliation discussion when he stood up to talk. He made sure that the Housemates knew that this discussion is all about getting to the bottom of the divisive issue around cooking and who should be allowed to eat. Then Ozo followed him with the defining thought for Housemates reconciliation meeting, stating “If you don’t want to be loving, at least be respectful.” Neo added to that sentiment of understanding, reminding the Housemates that tolerance and respect are owed to everyone, regardless of how angry you may feel at that particular moment.

Then it came for Praise to speak his mind and even though he was on the edge of tears for the entire time, he still managed to get his point across. The majority of his extended tirade focused on the idea that respect is reciprocal and this was lacking in his interactions with Lucy. Praise mentioned how he would love to stay friends with everyone in the House even after Big Brother is done, and moments of disrespect make it difficult.

#BBNaija Day 9
Dorathy also said that if food is causing the issue then maybe the thinking around it should change. Nengi also had words for Ka3na’s behaviour around food and told her that as the mother of the house, statements like the ones she made earlier have no place in the house. Laycon rounded out the conversation perfectly when he noted that “The comfortability you are used to in your house, you won’t get here.” In that statement, he summed up a reality the Housemates all knew to be true, that in Biggie’s House, nobody is boss until we chose a final winner.

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