#BBNaija Day 9: Beatrice in the firing line, the Bro Code, the Buzz with Toke Makinwa and many more

#BBNaija Day 9. The drama in the house continues especially after wild cards Pere and Maria were finally unveiled to the rest of the house.

The Wildcards have played their game well by being stealthy and elusive, making it an interesting twist for this Task. Our in-House Sherlock Holmes, Peace, was off to a great start with the clue, but her excitement got the better of her, and she chased a false lead that gravely impacted the House’s hunch. Clearly, Peace and Arin’s influence over the Housemates held sway in their voting.

The Housemates congratulated the Wildcards on a great job of being indistinguishable and the night continued with the two being acknowledged for the work they put into remaining in the game. It’s back to normal for now, but – knowing Biggie – there are a few tricks up his sleeve, and this Season is officially starting with some fresh tension.

On the other hand, Beatrice’s mood swings and convenient breakdown as they prepared for the Task ran her dangerously afoul of being suspected as a Wildcard, and she spent the night apologising to the Housemates, hoping to make amends for contribution to the confusion. Liquorose and Angel took it well, and reminded her that there’s no need to make a great deal of the matter.

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We are all curious to know what this means for the upcoming Evictions this week. Will the Housemates Nominate the Wildcards first, or will the strained relationship between Beatrice and her fellow Housemates decide the matter?

Well, the game’s afoot, so Shine Ya Eye for more plot twists in the coming week.

The Game has began

While preparing breakfast, Whitemoney has a conversation with Princess about how other Housemates influenced the Wildcard vote.

Beatrice in the firing line

Following the revelation that Pere and Maria are the Wildcards, an unlikely candidate is receiving the full brunt of the Housemates’ collective disappointment.

Turns out many of the Housemates are angry at Beatrice for having given the impression she was about to stand up, when Ebuka asked the real Wildcards to rise to their feet for the big reveal, during last night’s Live Show.

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Everyone thought Beatrice was getting ready to stand up, but the real Wildcards, Maria and Pere, did instead. When confronted in the bedroom by Angel after the Live Show, Beatrice said she was merely adjusting her jacket, and wasn’t preparing to stand up.

Angel seemed riled up and told Beatrice giving the impression she was about to stand up, was not cool.

Arin and Saga were also offended by Beatrice, with the former calling her “trash” for trying to “sabotage the Task” and the latter calling her “a fool”. Yikes!

Liquorose on the other hand, had a talk with Beatrice in the bedroom and told her to be strong. “Nobody has the right to make you sad about yourself. Don’t always feel like people are coming for you”.

Beatrice went on another apology tour and gave Arin and Saga a hug in the kitchen. Arin accepted it but rolled her eyes behind her back during the hug.

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Geng, do you find it ironic that the Housemates are directing their anger at Beatrice, instead of keeping the same energy with Peace, who was the one that convinced the entire House to pick Liquorose and Jaypaul as the Wildcards, or was Beatrice childish for giving the impression that she was about to stand up?

It’s pretty clear from last night’s ‘Marry or Kill’ game, that Beatrice is ruffling feathers in the House. Will Beatrice survive this new week without getting into a fight with someone? Let’s wait and see!

The Bro Code

Cross and Boma discussing the Wildcard, girls, bro code and the possibility of Ships happening in the house.

Keeping Options open

Whitemoney and Yousef talk about relationships – the complications they bring and the games people play. Is what’s really happening, here, the start of a #BBNaija Bromance?

Get ready for the buzz with Toke Makinwa

Media personality and lifestyle influencer, Toke Makinwa, is joining the #BBNaija family this August. Our fave is all set to give us the inside scoop on the happenings in the #BBNaija House via brand-new show The Buzz, streaming exclusively on Showmax from August 3rd.


This fun and specially packaged show brings you never-before-seen moments of drama and juicy gossip from inside the House. The Buzz gives us the lowdown on the fights and the ships – especially those trying to keep it on the low, or moving through multiple Housemates (Hey, it’s not only at work where people multitask ?) and everything in between.

Basically, if it’s going down in the Shine Ya Eye House, you can be sure Toke has got the gist and more on The Buzz.

There’s more!

With the Wildcards revealed and the Nomination edge in place, things in the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye House are already heating up.

How are the Housemates handling this sudden revelation? What will be their next line of action? Will they hold grudges, or will they let this deceit slide? What fate befalls them when it’s time for Nominations? Will this signal the rise of strategic alliances in the House?

There are a lot of unanswered questions, but best believe Toke will have answers on The Buzz.

Keeping mum on the wildcards 

Whitemoney explains how he figured out Pere and Maria were the Wildcards and his reason for not giving them up.

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