“Bastard son of a thousand fathers” – Nigerians drag man to filth for informing MTN about the latest ‘cheat code’ for free data

Nigerians are currently dragging a man on twitter for reporting to MTN about the latest cheat code for free data.

Apparently, some MTN users have been getting free data after dialing a code on their phones.

Twitter user, Muhammed Lamco, who was not happy with the development, took the case to MTN, and asked them to do something about it.

MTN, in their response, thanked Muhammad for the information and asked him to provide the sample numbers for proper investigation.

This didn’t go down well with some Nigerians who have been getting data. They dragged him to filth for being a “busy body”, while some prayed that he remains poor, since he doesn’t value ‘enjoyment’.

See tweets below;

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