“Basketmouth is the most wicked and oppressing comedian” — Bovi

Famous standup comedian and actor, Bovi Ugboma declares his colleague, Basketmouth as a wicked individual behind the downfall of up-and-coming acts.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the duo could be seen together in the room making jokes and laughing joyfully.

Bovi Ugboma

Bovi, however, chipped in a joke, stating that Basketmouth is extremely wicked and has hands in bringing down other comedians.

“The most wicked comedian wey dey press other comedian career down; you’re wicked. Man of peace with a spice of wickedness,” Bovi stated jokingly.


Basketmouth responded saying, “No no, I’m a nice man. Don’t believe anything he says; I’m a man of God.”

It is worth noting that a growing comedian, Destalker once accused Basketmouth of pushing for his downfall and sabotaging his shows. AY Makun, also shared similar experience with the same individual, leading to their long-standing beef with another.

Watch the video below …