Banky W speaks on why money isn’t key to happiness

Renowned musician and politician, Banky W explains why money isn’t the key to happiness as he recounts an encounter he had with a sad billionaire.

The singer and father of one was recently featured in an interview during which he spoke on money and happiness.

banky w money happiness
Banky W.

He noted that within each person exists a space that can only be filled by God and whatever one fills with that space – money, women, alcohol, etc – they’d never be satisfied.

Banky W maintained that money doesn’t guarantee happiness – even though certain amount of it is necessary for a comfortable life.

He rhetorically enquired why a lot of billionaires still end themselves if money really brings happiness.

speaking further, he noted that he had had the opportunity to seat across a billionaire (not in naira) who later ended up ending himself.

Reactions have followed …

@pabloLIGHT01 said: “Money makes you happy for a while , it doesn’t keepby you happy for a long time”

@Tonyjay wrote: “Seriously but it is well”

@EasyX247 remarked: “If money isn’t the key to happiness, why do so many people stress over it every day?”

@SimisolaTomori commented: “Money doesn’t buy happiness”

@Oyinkansola__xx advised: “Money doesnt keep happiness tho
But in all you do have the money”

@Emmaohmygod162 wrote: “Na billionaire Sabi wetin do hin papa
If my money come my ishoro go dinku”

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