AY Makun sparks reactions as he speaks on feminism

Popular comedian and actor, AY Makun has sparked reactions from online users following his post about the adverse effects of feminism on men.

Taking to his X page, the renowned comedian asserted that the feminist movement has maliciously marginalized men who have bravely spoken out, placing them on a dead-on-arrival list in modern society.

AY Makun
AY Makun.

He further advised women to be mindful that their male loved ones are experiencing significant challenges at the hands of their own gender.

In his words: “The feminism mechanism in the subconsciousness of most women against men who gathered the courage to speak up on the things they too go through in their relationships, has maliciously placed broken men on a dead on arrival list in modern day society. Women should also remember that they have friends, brothers, fathers, cousins, and uncles who are going through a lot in the hands of their gender.”

Reactions to AY Makun’s comment on feminism

Pharmacist Emeka noted: “It’s selective Feminism for them . When it’s their family and friends, they cry foul but when not it’s fair .”

Jamilla advised: “Phewwww! What’s with the outrage? If you have personal matters, don’t drag all women along with your problems abeg.”

Larondo asked: “You cheat or you no cheat ????”

iammissmarvel stated: “Women eyes done open. Them no dey endure infidelity and abuse again. 😂”

veevogee wrote: “Fortunately, most women have grown past t0lerating r¥bbish. They now boldly walk away from an irredeemable HORSEBAND”

kuhan_2024 said: “Women will tolerate till cup gets full,when they react or move they now tag it feminism…hmmmm it’s well”


AY Makun sparks reactions as he speaks on feminism

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