“Awwwnn, so cute” – 6 month old baby lights up TikTok as he’s nicely wrapped up for photoshoot, photo causes stir

A 6 month old baby has caught the attention of many on TikTok after a video of his photoshoot made its way to the internet.

In the video, the baby is gently laid in a white towel, receiving gifts from workers in the studio, including a cameraman who is clearly positioned to take photos.

6 month old baby TikTok wrapped photoshoot
6 month old baby.

A closer look at the little baby in another video showcases his cute appearance as he is gently laid or wrapped with a brown cloth.

The photoshoot photo featuring the 6-month-old baby has sparked discussions on TikTok, with many people taking to the comment section to share their thoughts about the adorable infant.

See some reactions below:

big khady: “‎Awwwnn so cute”

oyi wodu: “‎the boy still like photoshoot.”

Bubbles: “‎Our precious gift.”

Joba1408: “‎wow so cute.”

Believe Riches: “‎My precious boy.”



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