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Artisan allegedly beaten by LG Chairman for calling him out over debt



An artisan was reportedly beaten by the chairman of
Abak LG in Akwa Ibom State, over money he being owed by the politician.

According to reports, the artisan worked for the Chairman and was due to receive N75,000 which the man refused to pay. He then took to social media to call him out.

This obviously angered the politician who then made move for the artisan’s apprehension before being paraded to be assaulted.

In the video that was shared on social media, the Artisan could be seen on the ground being humiliated as the assaulter placed his feet on his head before beating him severely with belt.

Watch video:

Here is some of the reactions on social media:

* “African leaders put first their personal interests than anything else,It is obvious that their self-interest may not be the interest of the public at large. Corruption, nepotism, egoism and abuse of power are the major characteristics of African leaders! Shame

* “See how they disgraced someone’s father with flogging.. what if the Man farts in the process.. #justice for a man trying to feed his family.

* “The local government chairman should not be allowed into the US

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