“Are you a frozen food?” – Bolt driver blasts man after he asked for AC

Man shares how a Bolt driver reacted after he asked whether the AC in his car was in perfect working condition.

A Twitter user took to the micro-blogging platform to share a screenshot of the chat, amidst the ongoing ‘Experience’ trend where people share the various funny, painful, shocking, or altogether annoying experience that they have had.

man bolt driver ac
Bolt Driver.

Apparently, the tweep wanted a very comfortable ride and enquired ahead of the trip if the air conditioner was working, but this provoked the bolt driver.

The Bolt driver asked the man whether he was a frozen food that needs the cold from air conditioner.

The driver went ahead to cancel the trip in his anger.

Sharing the screenshot of the chat on Twitter, the man wrote:

“Nothing person no go Experience for Bolt😩💔”

See his Twitter post below:

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