Anybody who texts ‘seen’ after receiving financial help is ungrateful – Kanayo

Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has tagged people who receive financial help from others but show appreciation with the text “seen” as ungrateful.

The actor questioned why some lack gratitude and feel entitled to the money or valuables of others.

Kanayo used his Instagram page to voice his worry about how frequently individuals accept favors but neglect to express gratitude. He brought up the example of sending money and merely receiving a “seen” response.

The actor urged his audience to practice thankfulness, stressing that silence about one’s gratitude is the same as ingratitude.

Anybody who texts ‘seen’ after receiving financial help is ungrateful – Kanayo
Kanayo O. Kanayo, Nigerian actor

He emphasized that no one owes anyone anything and that being grateful encourages other people to carry out their good deeds.

Kanayo wrote; “Hello, my friends, I have one question. Why are people very ungrateful? You do somebody a favor by sending him or her money and the person receives it and sends you a text saying ‘seen’. Seen? Come on! Do you think it’s your right? That’s an inheritance mentality; people are like this and it doesn’t show that you are grateful.

“Look, gratitude unspoken is ingratitude spoken. It’s not your right so learn to be grateful for whatever someone does for you. That way, the person will be encouraged to do more. Stop being selfish; be grateful because nobody owes you anything. Have a beautiful week ahead”.

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