“Any man that cheats deserves a child that is not his own” – Lady

A Nigerian lady Mary Echendu, has taken to social media to voice her unconventional views on infidelity and its consequences.

The lady made her remarks in response to the high-profile situation involving American rapper Trippie Redd, who recently discovered that he is not the biological father of his child.

Mary Echendu expressed her belief that it is acceptable for women to engage in infidelity, asserting that women are often just as unforgiving of cheating partners as men are.

She went further to suggest that any man who cheats on his partner deserves to face the consequences, including potentially raising a child who is not biologically his own.

In her words;

Women don’t forgive cheating too, any man that cheats deserves a child that is not his own.”

The statement has elicited a wide range of reactions from social media users, with many expressing their opinions.

See below;

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