Anita Joseph slams Sandra Ezekwesili over recent advice to women

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph berates media personality, Sandra Ezekwesili over her advice to women that no man has the right to prevent them from going out.

You may recall that Sandra asserted that no man should dictate whether his wife can go out, and such control should neither be accepted nor expected.

Anita Joseph
Anita Joseph.

In response, Anita Joseph commented that her husband has every right to decide if she goes out, and urged Sandra to stop spreading what she called nonsense teachings on the internet.

Her words: “Ahhhhh my husband has every right oh,if he says no I can’t go inukwa shallom.. Una go just Dey teach nonsen*** bikonu”

Read some reactions below: 

mz_sammy said: “If i love a man, I’m submitting to him… leave social media rubbish talks”

sofadyemisi stated: “I agree with Anita 💯💯💯💯👌ur husband is ur king 👑”

the_brown_cutie wondered: “Why would you even get married if you know you can’t respect and listen to him, just stay remain in your father’s house!”

jully_mk suggested: “As a woman of you feel your husband has no right to tell you what to do, pls remain in your father’s house. Shalom!”

investorprosper said: “But una fit dey listen to pastor? okayyyyyyyyyyy”

ezekielezzy stated: “E remain small make some women Dey answer husband make their husbands Dey answer wife”


Anita Joseph slams Sandra Ezekwesili over recent advice to women

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