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Anita Joseph reacts as Uche Elendu accepts her public apology 3 years after their messy fight

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has reacted to the response from Uche Elendu after she rendered a public apology for calling her.


It would be recalled that Anita Joseph called out her best friend Uche Elendu three years ago and accused her of practicing witchcraft. Anita Joseph also accused Uche of not wanting her to prosper in her modeling business.

Three years down the line, Anita Joseph has rendered a public apology to her best friend in a video posted on her page.

She said;

“To err is human and to forgive is divine”. Some years back, I called my best friend out, Uche Elendu. I was hurt but I was supposed to do that. I am using this medium to say am sorry. Baby girl you are not a witch, My family begged me to take down that video but I said no because I was hurt”. “I love you and I miss you, Am so sorry”.

Accepting her apology, Uche Elendu took to the comment section of Anita Joseph to write, “Happy New Year Nwamaka Fish”.

Responding to the acceptance of her apology by her friend, Anita Joseph also replied saying, “My Love 2023 is a good year”.

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