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Angry Titan discloses full house address of man who mocked Tacha’s fans, he reacts



Yesterday, the tweet of a young Nigerian boy identified as Alhaji Royz shook the tables of Titans who vowed to make him pay for making such statement about them.

Royz had tweeted;
“I’ve never seen a Tacha stan that is intelligent before”.

As expected, a serious verbal wrestling session began under his tweet, with many Titans dragging him for ‘speaking like an animal’ and others saying it takes only an intelligent person to know another.

Subsequently, another provoked male Titan crossed boundaries by openly revealing the full house address of Royz, while addressing him as a rat.

However, Royz acted unbothered about it, as he has promised to show any Titan that comes after him, the difference between Twitter and real life. According to Royz, there will be blood shed if any Titan crosses his house.