Angry lady renames boyfriend’s contact to “Mr. I will not do again”, “Last chance”, “God forbid” after every fight

A Nigerian lady has stunned many by saving her boyfriend‘s contact with different names after slight arguments or fights.

This is depicted in a video that has attracted numerous likes, shares, and hundreds of comments on social media.

Angry lady renames boyfriend's contact to "Mr. I will not do again", "Last chance", "God forbid" after every fight
Angry lady renames boyfriend’s contact after every fight.

The video, captioned ‘You change his name whenever you guys have a fight,’ shows the lady displaying the various names she saves her partner under.

In some scenes, she changes the name to ‘Mistake,’ ‘Mr. I will not do again,’ ‘Last chance,’ ‘Bros,’ and even ‘God forbid.’

The series of name changes has garnered attention on social media, with many users taking to the comment section to share their thoughts after the video went viral.

See some reactions below:

Bella: “I archive his chat then keep going through my archived messages to see if he sends any messages.”

Lammy-Coker: “I’d delete all our pictures,he will send them back to me after our fight.”

ariana 🇺🇬🇷🇼: “I delete his chat ,archive his chat 😫but always wait for his message.”

MD STYLES: “i delete her number then after ask her friends to send it back to me.”

Joash Ehis: “we fought and I changed her name to her full documented name she to changed my name to Brother Josh.. walahi, E pain me.”

Nyomi🇨🇩: “There is this one guy I changed his name to “ immaturity on 2 legs”

kwin nnenna: “this is me, I will delete his number block him and expect him to call back with someone phone.”



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