“An absolute wrong take” – Do2dtun reacts to trending video of a Nigerian designer who charges in dollars

Nigerian on-air personality, Oladotun Kayode, best known as Do2dtun has criticised Nigerian designer who claims she charges in dollars.

In a viral video online, a Nigerian designer claimed that she charges her clients in dollars.

OAP Do2dtun

She noted that those criticising business online should first of all, own a business first before condemning others.

She claimed there was no justification for her to charge in naira given the hike in fabric prices and the drop in the value of the naira against the US dollar.

Reacting to this, Do2dtun stated that Americans charge in dollars and British charge in pounds and not naira.

He advised that the designer should charge Nigerians in naira and others in their own currency.

OAP Do2dtun

He further asked her if she would be comfortable if the government charged her in dollars for taxes.

Do2dtun added that normalizing things like this devalues the naira and cripples the economy.

In his words: “An absolute wrong take. Americans charge you in dollars. British charge you in pounds not naira. Even, you have to convert your own Naira to pay them in their own currency.

“No one said u should not charge. In Nigeria, charge in Naira. Others, charge them in their own currency. You are charging in dollars in Nigeria but you are paying your taxes in Naira.. Dey play.

“If the government charged you taxes In dollars, would you pay? Your sta You charge in dollars.. do you pay your staffs in dollars?

“We need to stop normalizing these things. It cripples the economy and devalues the Naira. If your client is outside Nigeria then that’s understandable. It’s why it’s called foreign exchange.”


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