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Amid #EndSars Protest, Nigerian man storms the street to protest for the rights of Gays and lesbians (Video)



A Nigerian “Queer” man recently stormed the streets during the ongoing #endsars protest, to protest for the lives of Queer people.

The young guy, identified as Matthew Blaise, was seen holding a placard with the inscription – “Queer lives matter”, while explaining how he constantly gets harassed for looking femme.

He noted that it’s not a crime to be queer (Gay/lesbian), adding that he constantly get harassed by police officers for being queer and looking femme.

“Even in the #EndSars protest, Queer lives matter. Queer people are harassed, assaulted and killed by the Nigerian police for being Queer. I have been in that situation. A lot of my Queer siblings too” he wrote on Instagram.

Watch the video below;