Viral News Amazing Transformation Of Girl Who Was Ruined By Crack (Photos)

Amazing Transformation Of Girl Who Was Ruined By Crack (Photos)


Sometime ago, a photographer took to his YouTube channel to share a video of a beautiful girl, Amanda, who was ruined by crack.

The video went viral and Soft White Underbelly said the purpose of sharing that video was to educate people on the effects of drugs.

People started demanding that Soft White Underbelly should take Amanda to a rehab center for her to get proper healthcare and restore her health.

I’m glad to announce that after spending 6 months in a rehabilitation center is now in recovery. Amanda is still in recovery and has made great improvement.

In the go fund me account set up by Underbelly to pay for her medical bills it was written that Amanda started using drugs like marijuana in 2017. At age of 20 she was misdiagnosed of schizophrenia and bipolar.

She became homeless as a result of her addiction to crack and lack of access to mental health treatment because of high cost.

I’m really happy that Amanda is looking more healthy and stronger. She will soon be discharged from the hospital.

Amanda hopes to become a certified medical assistant to enable her help others too.

A fan tweeted;

“omg! you guys remember Amanda? I was really affected by her story, I’m so so happy she’s doing much better now! my heart is warm, so happy! good for her.”

Another wrote;

“I thot she’d probably be dead by now. God is great”.


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