“All the boys I did juju for should come pay me my percentage or else…” – Spiritualist dispatches warning to clients [Video]

A spiritualist has sent a severe warning to her shady clients who have refused to give her her own cut after she performed some juju rituals that enabled them to cash out.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, the unidentified woman claimed to have done some voodoo for her clients that has enriched them.

Spiritualist clients juju
Nigerian Spiritualist.

She said that they had pledged to give her a certain percentage from their earnings. However, these clients have gone back on their words.

Sending out a caution to them, she warned that if they do not come of their own accord, she’d be forced to make them meet different unfortunate fate.

The spiritualist gave them from now till December to come give her her share of their wealth or she’d act on what she has in mind for them.

Watch her speak below …

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