Home Entertainment News “All pastors are fraudsters” – Actress, Nancy Iheme

“All pastors are fraudsters” – Actress, Nancy Iheme

Nollywood actress, Nancy Iheme have tagged all pastors as fraudsters owing to the fact that she hopes to witness an unusual display of power from them rather than something that looks ordinary.

Nancy Iheme Pastors Fraudsters

In an Insta-story session, the actress condemned pastors for performing unverifiable miracles such as healing waist pains and some other things nobody can actually verify or confirm.

She, therefore, challenged pastors to use their powers to regrow a lost limb or separate conjoined twins in order to prove their power to everyone.

According to her, things like these would depict an undisputable presentation of divine power, rather than doing things that nobody may be able to ascertain its veracity.

See the post below:

Nancy Iheme Pastors Fraudsters

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