Alex shares conversation with God

The dark skinned beauty shared her most recent photos on IG stating that her Father in heaven asked her to post it before going to bed because they looked good.

Alex rocked a body Hugging pink gown, over a silver heels which goes with the silver leopard print jacket hung over her shoulder and finally a pink bag, the TV star posed pretty in front of her new car, giving her Haters more things to talk about.

Sharing the photos, she wrote;

“I was going to bed and it happened. Yes it did. The conversation wasn’t a long one but it made an impact .
Father in heaven : Alex my daughter!!
Alex : Yes father
Father in heaven : You can’t go to bed if you don’t post those nice pictures from today
Alex : But it’s late
Father in heaven : You love them. It’s never too late to share your moments.
Alex : But in that last picture, I scratched my … Father in heaven : That’s because you are a pro.
Alex : posting right now. ”


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