“After my wife and I stayed with him in his trying period, Julius Agwu called me a Witch” — Comedian AY Makun (Video)

Popular stand-up comedian, AY Makun, recently opened on being called a witch, the challenges he faced in his career and the misunderstandings with his fellow comedian, Julius Agwu.

In an interview, AY recalled the time when Julius Agwu was going through severe health issues, and he stood by him, offering support and help.

However, to his surprise, Julius later accused AY of being involved in witchcraft and using evil powers against him.

AY expressed his disappointment over the accusations, given the kindness he had shown his colleague in times of need.

During the interview, AY also addressed rumors that had circulated about him in the industry, particularly those spread by his former boss, Basketmouth.

Acknowledging that comedy is subjective, AY humbly admitted that he might not be considered the funniest comedian in the world.

Nevertheless, he credited the numerous rejections, hatred, insults, and wickedness he faced in the profession for shaping his journey to success.

AY also reflected on a time when he was denied the opportunity to perform at the prestigious comedy show, “Nights of A Thousand Laughs.” It was this very rejection that sparked the idea for his own show, which eventually became a massive success.

Throughout the interview, AY maintained a positive outlook and expressed his gratitude to his fans and supporters who believed in him and helped him achieve his dreams.

He emphasized that despite the conflicts and hurdles faced, he continues to focus on bringing joy and laughter to his audience through his unique brand of comedy.


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