Reactions as lady recounts what her dad did for her when she was ill

A lot of reactions followed after a lady identified as Wizle took to her social media page to recount what her dad did for her when she became unwell in the middle of the night.

She said that before they got to the hospital her dad had already called her name like 1000 times and due to the fact that he was in a  hurry he wore the back of his cloth to the hospital.

Taking to her Twitter page, she wrote:

“I remember one time I become very unwell in the middle of the night and my dad almost went crazy. Never seen him so confused. In the 20 odd mins it took us to get to the clinic, he called my name over a 1000 times. When I was stable at the clinic he realized that, in his hurry he had put on th back of his cloth.

This is a daddy’s appreciation tweet.

Just because we do not appreciate these amazing men enough”.

See reactions below:

@ocfaun: My own papa no send o. I don’t even have any happy memories of him not to talk more of both of us. But it feels nice to know that their are good dads out there. God bless your dad.

@paulprince01: You telling my story right now, I just wish I can call him, he calls every now and then I just ignore his calls. I know he loves me but this stepmother of a thing made me this way and I blame him for it, I had to leave the house as early as 16 and haven’t returned.

@popsy_via_zibah: My dad was my best friend, he passed away when I was about to start my JSS3 exam. He died right on my hands. Still miss him till today.

He never let any problem goes unsolved, he loved everyone equally elther you are his fam or not. He never gets the happiness he deserved from.

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