Actress Susan Peters vows to go naked if Lagos State Government does not release her car (Video)

Nollywood actress, Susan Peters has vowed to stand naked in front of Government house if they do not return her new car to her.

According to Susan, her driver violated a traffic offence while going for an errand with the car, and the car was arrested alongside some other cars by CSO Leke Smith.

They were asked to pay a fine before their cars can be returned to them. She headed for the office to pay the fine only to find out that her own car has been transferred to Government house, while other cars were released to their respective owners. She began to question if their reason for transferring hers to the government house is because it’s still new.

She further stated that the CSO, Leke is using the name of the Governor to carry out wicked acts and she would make sure that they do not succeed with her.

Watch the video below;

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