Entertainment News Actress Nkiru Umeh orders her children to eat the vegetable they abandoned...

Actress Nkiru Umeh orders her children to eat the vegetable they abandoned (video)


Nollywood actress, Nkiru Umeh, took to social media to share how her grown up sons stressed her by not eating the vegetables she prepared.

The actress said that she prepared yam and vegetables but that they abandoned the yams and put the vegetables aside. The film star then recorded their funny reactions after forcing them to eat the rest of the food.

In the caption of her post she wrote:

“So today I made this very delicious native vegetable yam for lunch and my 2nd and 3rd son removed all vegetables and ate only the yam and refused to eat the vegetables. These children just want posh posh food all the time. I was angry oo and had to force them to eat it but trust this my 2nd son to always spoil someone’s anger. The most unserious person in my house. Being mad at this boy is a waste of time I swear.

He plays too much. He noticed I was recording him and started feeling like a super star instead of taking me serious. Kai #quarantinelife their wahala helps with my recovery though. Enough distraction for me. I thank God for keeping them safe from that explosion for me. My blessings.”

See her post below:


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