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Actor Deyemi apologizes to Genevieve Nnaji for making jokes out of #WomenSupportingWomen Challenge

Actor Deyemi Okanlawon has apologized to Genevieve Nnaji after she slammed him for making jokes out of the #WomenSupportingWomen Challenge.

Deyemi apologizes to Genevieve Nnaji

The WSW challenge requires women to post black and white photos of themselves and pledge to support their fellow women upon being nominated by another woman.

Sequel to the trending WSW Challenge, Deyemi and other male celebrities like Don Jazzy, Nosa Rex, Uti, etcetera dressed like women to take part in the challenge.

However, his post didn’t go down well with the veteran Nollywood actress as she took to his comments section to call him to order.

Reacting to Deyemi’s post, Genevieve accused him of making jokes out of the challenge.

Her comment read, “We seek solace in humour to distract us from pain or discomfort. Tell me what it is you feel exactly? You see, that feeling that triggered you to make a joke of a movement that can only be understood by those it was meant for; the feeling of being overlooked or disregarded is part of the point of the challenge. No one likes to feel invisible. You felt it for a second. Women feel it every day of their lives. Let us hold our own hands if we want to. Be ok with it. Not everything is about you or for laughs. Shalom.”

Deyemi thsb responded by posting a black and white photo of Genevieve and he wrote…

“Dear big sis @genevievennaji… I know your heart and I stan forever! And to anyone else female/male who may have misconstrued the intent and felt bad, do know that I see you and I’m truly sorry you feel that way. In these times we need all the love, support and smiles we can get!”

Deyemi apologizes to Genevieve Nnaji