Plastic pollution threatens mangroves in the N’Delta – HYPREP

The Hydrocarbon Contamination Remediation Venture has communicated worries that plastic contamination was an arising danger to mangroves in the Niger Delta district.

It stated that it would soon begin shoreline cleanup and mangrove restoration in Ogoniland’s oil-affected areas.

In his address to mark the 2023 World Environment Day, the Coordinator of HYPREP, Prof. Nenibarini Zabbey, expressed regret that plastics not only suffocate and kill mangrove biodiversity but also affect local livelihoods and compromise the mangroves’ capacity to sequester carbon dioxide and mitigate climate change.

He claims that HYPREP was positioned to offer solutions to plastic pollution, which synergistically mitigate the effects of hydrocarbon contamination, as a project with the mandate to remediate and restore oil-polluted ecosystems.

“The 2023 World Environment Day (WED) commemoration, which also marks the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day, presents a golden opportunity to employ science, adapt innovation, and develop sustainable environmental policy solutions.

“HYPREP is going to start coastline cleanup and mangrove rebuilding in Ogoniland. Mangroves in the Niger Delta have recently been identified as a new threat posed by plastic pollution, he noted.

In accordance with the theme of the 2023 World Environment Day, the boss of HYPREP suggested promoting sustainable alternatives and reusable products in addition to reducing production and consumption of plastic.