“A secret I’ll take to my grave” – Lady who drugged father in a bid to link up with boyfriend laments after he died as a result

A lady identified as @Connotare is in tears as she narrates how she drugged her father in order to meet a man she was madly in love with, but unfortunately, her dad passed away as a result of the pills.

According to her, the deed occurred in 2017 when she gave her father sleeping pills which left him unconscious, sneaked out of the house to link up with this guy of hers, only to return the next day to see her dad lying lifeless because she had fed him with an overdose of it.

Expressing regret over her actions, she stated that it wasn’t an intentional act and has resolved to keep the secret to herself till she dies.

In her words:

“My first regret was giving my dad sleeping pills in 2017 just to see a guy I was so in love with and could do anything for. Returned the next day to see my day laying lifeless. It’s a secret I’ll take to my grave…”

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Father Drugged Pills Lady

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