“A man who loves you will never get you a valentine’s gift” – Jane Mena reveals

Famous Instagram dancer, Jane Mena has revealed that a man that really loves his woman will not get her a gift for valentine’s.

Jane Mena

The rave about Valentine’s has been on for a couple of days now. Many ladies fear that their men might not gift them, worse still, break up with them before Valentine’s.

A contrary opinion by Jane Mena reveals that a man who truly loves his lady would never gift her anything for Valentine’s.

Jane Mena

She wrote:

“A man who really loves you will never get you a Valentine’s gift. Know this and know peace.”

Her point was also buttressed by singer, Slim Case, who disclosed that the man become the gift instead. In his words:

“He has becomes the gift if he is with u wholeheartedly that’s all about Val.”

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