A man who loves you cannot watch you use Android – Nigerian lady sparks controversy

Nigerian lady ignites outrage as she speaks on why men who truly love their women won’t stand watching them use Android devices.

The lady known as Ummulkair Onize Ibrahim made this statement in a post on her Facebook page.

lady man loves android phone

She opined that a man who truly loves his woman cannot watch her use an Android phone.

This comes amidst the wide preference of iPhone devices by young ladies over androids.

She wrote …

“I swear! A man who truly loves you, will never watch you use an android phone…”

Check out reactions that followed …

itsemeh__ said: “Imagine your father watching you use android, that man no really love you be that”

yuzbeee wrote: “I am tired I swear. These girls are in desperate need of a brain resetting therapy.”

kelvin_kertz penned: “Before you stress your IQ to respond, remember that this is from facebook. That’s all I need to say.”

tobenna09 said: “U wey love yourself but watch yourself using android phone nko”

dionojobi stated: “A man who loves you will encourage you to have a good career/ business and not buy you a phone”

themagichands.ng penned: “You people want to waste your life away talking about men should do this men should do that.
Don’t you people have work. 😒”

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