6 Emerging Kratom Beauty Products That Nigerians Might Want To Try This Year

Fashion and beauty enthusiasts always cherish the arrival of new beauty products. Social media is filled with bizarre trends where influencers try out DIYs and hack to enhance their natural beauty. Unfortunately, the practice has allowed manufacturers to introduce a ton of chemicals into the daily cosmetics people use. treatment,

It has led to another phenomenon in the industry. Individuals, especially beauty influencers, started facing skin problems. However, that was not it. These chemicals were also causing health risks. That is when people realized that it was essential that they stop using those.

However, they needed more viable options. Apart from the highly synthesized chemicals, their only choices were organic products containing the age-old wild turmeric, tulsi, or neem. Unfortunately, these proved not strong enough to bring noticeable changes in one’s skin or body.

That is when scientists came across one of the most potent organic compounds, Kratom. It is scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa and is a native of Southeast Asia. People in those regions are familiar with the cheapest kratom and have been using it daily for decades.

They usually prefer chewing Kratom leaves, but only some prefer the aroma and flavor of the organic compound. So, if you are one among them but still want to try Kratom to see how it affects your skin, then you should go through a kratom blog.

6 Emerging Kratom Beauty Products That Nigerians Might Want To Try This Year

Brief Kratom Blog

Kratom is a herbal substance that scientists claim has properties that might be beneficial for humans. It belongs to the coffee family and is known for its stimulant and sedative properties. Kratom strains are also famous for their varying properties, which makes them more attractive. Its use is most common in the Asia Pacific regions of the world.

As regular Kratom use has a high potential to create dependence, health experts suggest users start with low doses. So it is because consuming Kratom in high doses may lead to a euphoric sensation which may be addictive for some.

6 Emerging Kratom Beauty Products That Nigerians Might Want To Try This Year

Is Kratom Safe For Use?

Individuals consider government approval the only acceptable parameter when determining a product’s safety. However, that is not the case with Kratom products. The FDA has not approved its use for consumption in any form in the United States. However, it is legal to consume and use in several other countries and states.

The FDA considers it an antagonist as it interacts with the neuro-receptors similarly to drugs such as heroin, fentanyl, painkillers, or opioids. However, Kratom can be especially dangerous if combined with other substances.

It is also not approved by the U.S Drug Enforcement Agency. Even the Drug Enforcement Administration is planning to categorize Kratom as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Products listed under this category usually do not have any medical use. It is because Kratom contains two strong alkaloids – Mitragynine and 7-hydro-oxymitragynine. They bind with the mu-opioid receptors and cause opioid-like effects.

Many people do not understand why Kratom is illegal as it comes from the Kratom plant, which is not synthesized. However, as Kratom is still not added to the list by the DEA, it is technically legal at the federal level.

The substance is banned in many states due to its psychoactive properties. But now, many are considering lifting the ban with the advancement of scientific studies. Four states are also considering passing a Kratom Consumer Protection Act to regulate the sale and use of organic compounds.

People in the Asiatic region have been using it as a pain reliever. There are reports of people using it to help with potential pain management, chronic pain, and mental health concerns. It may also help relieve pain and boost energy, depression, stress, and anxiety.

6 Emerging Kratom Beauty Products That Nigerians Might Want To Try This Year

Know About The Legality Of Kratom

There are many questions on Kratom legality, as it is still a gray area in the United States.

Where Is Kratom Banned?

Apart from the United States, Kratom is also banned in other countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Alabama, and Arkansas. Federal agencies have been trying to ban Kratom for years and are still in the process of banning Kratom. The FDA has also found that Kratom has no therapeutic benefits. Even there’s no evidence of its medical value.

It also warns people that Kratom has the potential for a life-threatening overdose and other harmful side effects like addiction. Several reports have also listed it as the cause of death.

However, Kratom use is legal in New Hampshire, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, and San Diego.

6 Emerging Kratom Beauty Products That Nigerians Might Want To Try This Year

Why Does The Drug Enforcement Administration Ban Kratom?

Kratom is banned in most states in the United States as there are several reports on Kratom abuse, especially among young adults. The DEA says recently that there have been many calls to poison control centers regarding this.

It says that Kratom also has been negatively impacting human mental health, leading to overdose, anxiety, and addiction. That is why even growing the Kratom plant in some places is banned, as sources say there are reports of Kratom abuse amid surging drug use.

Emerging Kratom Products

A few individuals may not consume Kratom due to their allergies or preference. But using beauty products infused with it might be helpful for them. So, let’s check out 6 top emerging Kratom beauty products. You should learn about these products, especially if you are from Nigeria – where using Kratom products that may help improve one’s skin condition is the latest trend.

  1. Kratom Moisturizing Facial Cream

With the fall approaching, your skin will need extra care. Several individuals often complain that moisturizing creams are good enough to provide temporary moisture to the skin but are only useful for the short term. They also say that even though they spend thousands of dollars on a cream, they often need to find it more effective.

Kratom moisturizing creams may come in handy, especially those made of pure Kratom extracts. When the extract is well blended with other ingredients, it provides a silky texture ideal for a moisturizing cream. The product may provide long-lasting hydration and help with skin tightening if used for a prolonged period.

  1. Kratom Powder

Though talc powders are not much in use these days, older adults sometimes still prefer them. Surveys show how people, especially females earlier, preferred talcs over perfumes as they caused less irritation on their skin. However, the chemicals did not work in their favor. Individuals now refrain from using chemical powders as they are known to cause stubborn pigmentation.

Surveys show that people said their pigmentation may have reduced after using Kratom powder. It may also help to reduce bumps on the skin. However, Kratom powders contain pure Kratom extracts, and thus they may not cause skin irritation.

  1. Kratom Face Pack

Conventional face packs that claim to have organic compounds only add artificial colors to add green or earthy color to the product. They usually also contain strong alcohol, which is harmful to the skin. It strips the skin of essential oil and nutrients necessary for skin regeneration. The prolonged use of chemicals may also cause early aging and lead to symptoms like skin sagging, dark circles, etc.

However, Kratom face packs are not so easily available. But you can always make yourself a DIY pack using Kratom capsule powder. You can also use Kratom tea bags to make the face pack. You can brew some Kratom tea and add it to any face pack base you want to make your pack.

6 Emerging Kratom Beauty Products That Nigerians Might Want To Try This Year

  1. Kratom Body Oil

As the fall is almost near, people are experiencing extremely dry skin issues as the moisture content in the air is low. You must already know that Kratom can be used in various forms. So, you can also use it in place of your ordinary body oil. However, we do not recommend it to treat serious skin conditions. You should always consult a doctor, in this case, to avoid serious allergic reactions.

However, Kratom body oil may be beneficial, especially during the winter, as it may help deeply nourish the skin. Furthermore, you choose the Green Kratom strain as it may have long-lasting effects.

6 Emerging Kratom Beauty Products That Nigerians Might Want To Try This Year

  1. Kratom Face Serum

Face serums are one of the most trending products in the skincare industry. Even experts say regular facial serums can prevent aging, reverse cell generation, and give one radiant and glowing skin. However, these days these serums are filled with strong acids, typically those that one should use only if prescribed.

However, Kratom facial serums might be more helpful as they cannot be paired with acid or alcohol. Manufacturers cannot use any substance against Good Manufacturing Practices; they would face legal issues.

  1. Kratom Toners

Toners are meant to maintain the pH level of the skin. However, chemical toners are meant to dry up the skin, and as it goes as the first layer, it is more damaging to the skin. Even though cosmetic companies promote the benefits of chemical products, they make false medical claims which can cause serious harm.

On the other hand, Kratom toners may not have a similar effect on the skin. Users say that they have experienced noticeable effects and have never complained of symptoms related to severe side effects. It may help improve the skin texture and adds hydration.

As Kratom toners are 100% organic substances, people who prefer homemade products can also opt for them. They usually contain the benefits of Kratom tea extracts.

Final Thoughts

Individuals are leaning toward organic products to improve their quality of life. They are better than every chemical substance existing on the market. However, using these products to treat medical conditions will not be wise.

It is because it is considered an addictive substance that may lead to overdose by the FDA and the DEA. So, there are many doubts regarding Kratom’s legality. That is why it is crucial that you consult a doctor before consuming raw Kratom leaf or its products.

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