56-year-old Nollywood actress Ngozi Nwosu reveals her desire to get married

Veteran Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu has revealed that it is only one thing that can make her consider getting married.

The 56 year old disclosed in an interview with LegitNg that if she finds true love, she is ready and available to get married to him.

According to her, marriage is an option for her once she finds the right partner.

When asked if she still wants to get married, the Nollywood star replied saying “Why not? If I find the right ololufe?”.

She added that she cannot accept her husband to marry another woman but if he has some indiscretions and has perhaps has a love child outside, she will weigh the situation and see if it is something that she can endure.

“I don’t mind taking the love child in and training him or her like my own child but i would not accept the child’s mother to live with my husband and i”. Ngozi Nwosu confessed.

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