49-year-old woman welcomes quadruplets after 15 years wait

Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) announces a significant milestone with the successful delivery of quadruplets by a 49-year-old woman who underwent Invitro Fertilisation (IVF) conception.

Prof. Chinedu Ekwempu, a renowned Professor specializing in Infertility and Endocrinology and also serving as JUTH’s IVF Centre Coordinator, shared this news with journalists in Jos on Thursday.

49-year-old woman welcomes quadruplets after 15 years wait

The woman, who had her first child 15 years ago, had been striving to conceive again since then.

Prof. Ekwempu elaborated that she achieved pregnancy after undergoing her initial IVF attempt at JUTH in 2023. The woman underwent a Caesarean Section (CS) at 33 weeks gestation on April 14, delivering the quadruplets successfully.

“This is the first time JUTH’s IVF centre is having a set of quadruplets, this is a great feat for the centre and the hospital. The mother and the babies are stable and are all in good condition,” he stated.

The professor mentioned that the hospital started offering IVF services in 2019 and noted that the cost of the procedure is significantly reduced compared to private fertility clinics.

He said, “The cost of the procedure here is highly subsidised, it is about half the price of the cost in private fertility hospitals. The centre is supported by the University of Jos, with assistance from TETFUND.”

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