4 wives stir mixed reactions as they engage in “I AM Not” challenge

4 wives allegedly married to the same man stir mixed reactions online as they engage in a ‘I Am Not the Last Wife” challenge.

The beautiful wives all lined up for the challenge, according to their order of marriage.

wives i am not challenge

The eldest started first, saying that she isn’t the last wife, but the first.

The same routine went until the final wife introduced herself and they all joined in to jokingly cheer at her.

However, mixed reactions have been stirred from social media users who found the video somewhat unpleasant.

Read some reactions below:

usendollar said: “My mum is the first wife , but by dad has 2 extra wife ! Whenever they are giving allowance, they gave my mum extra ❤ she’s always getting N 10 million for monthly upkeep while the rest get 5 m only ! That’s the first wife privileged”

thevanesaonly said: “No matter how broke I am I can never be a second wife”

moponz said: “Me I am seeing a brother and his beautiful sisters”

iam_linchpin said: “Women aren’t against polygamy. They just don’t like a poorrr polygamist man. As a man just have moneyy, all other protocols will fall on ur feet.”

victorhunterson1 said: “Have Money Then You Can Marry as Many Beautiful Feminists As Possible 🔥🔥🔥”

Watch the video below: