23-year-old lady calls off wedding fews hours to event

A 23-year-old bride-to-be identified as Nelly Chepkoech reportedly called off her wedding just a few hours before the scheduled ceremony in Kenya.

Nelly and her fiancé, Amos, were initially set to exchange vows on Saturday, December 9, 2023, in Bomet County.

23-year-old lady calls off wedding fews hours to event

As reported by Citizen Digital, Nelly contacted the officiating pastor mere hours before the ceremony, expressing her decision to postpone the wedding.

Pastor Clement Chalulot of Kapsoyo AGC Church, who was to officiate the ceremony, revealed that the unexpected development occurred when Nelly conveyed her decision to proceed with the wedding.

“The communication from the presiding reverend that the bride had changed her mind halted everything and brought the entire plans to a halt,” explained Pastor Chalulot.

The wedding cancellation was also confirmed on a WhatsApp group where attendees were shocked to receive the news while prepping for the party.

“Hi everyone, hope you are fine. Thanks for your support towards Amos and Nelly’s wedding. This is an official communication to our members here and the public at large. OUR SCHEDULED WEDDING PLANNED FOR TOMORROW has been postponed until further notice. We will communicate with you, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding,” stated a committee member.

23-year-old lady calls off wedding fews hours to event

A close friend of the couple and a member of the wedding committee also confirmed the report, revealing that Nelly had expressed doubts about proceeding with the wedding.

“Good morning friends, many friends of Amos and Nelly are calling me asking me why the wedding was postponed. The MAIN REASON is NELLY REQUESTED TO BE GIVEN MORE TIME. The CHURCH and the parents from both sides CONSIDERED her request. Thanks for understanding,” the text stated.

Members of the WhatsApp group were, however, unsatisfied with the reasons stated, questioning whether Nelly was the cause of the delay.

“Tell us why the wedding has been postponed. Let’s see if we can help our girl; it’s important for us to know if she is the cause of the postponement. I see you people keep mentioning Amos, Amos [like he is the cause]),” a member quizzed.

Meanwhile, speculation has arisen regarding Nelly’s abrupt change of heart, with some suggesting the possibility of her former lover making a return.

Reports indicate that Nelly was in a relationship with her ex for five years, and she had been dating Amos, the groom, for six months.

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