2024 UTME: 16-year-old Benue student praised over 356 score

A 16-year-old girl from Benue State, Tsavkegh Ishughun captured the internet’s attention with her outstanding score of 356 at the just concluded 2024 UTME.

Photos of the 16-year-old were widely shared on social media, with people expressing excitement and celebrating her academic achievement.

2024 UTME: 16-year-old Benue student praised over 356 score

Among those celebrating her success was a notable MC, Obande Christian Ogede, who took to Facebook to commend Tsavkegh for her remarkable performance in the JAMB exam, stating that she exemplified the “Gboko standard.”

He mentioned that Tsavkegh is a student of Calvary Arrows Secondary School in Gboko, Benue State, and called on the Benue State government and well-meaning individuals to support her education financially.

A breakdown of Tsavkegh’s scores revealed her exceptional performance in various subjects, with 95 in Mathematics, 95 in Physics, 93 in Chemistry, and 73 in English, totalling 356.

In a post on Thursday, the MC wrote;

“Congratulations Tsavkegh Ishughun, a 16 years old student of Calvary Arrows Secondary School Gboko, Benue State on her outstanding performance in the recently concluded 2024 UTME (JAMB) examination! With a remarkable score of 356
Tsavkegh has demonstrated exceptional academic prowess.
Her scores breakdown is as follows:
Reg Number: 202440122406EA.
English (73),
Mathematics (95),
Physics (95),
and Chemistry (93)
Aggregate 356
Wow, Tsavkegh Ishughun really killed it in the UTME. 😂
She gave Jamb the Gboko Standard.
She has shown that she’s a true academic powerhouse. With stellar scores across all subjects, it’s clear that she has the smarts and determination to go far. 🌟 Wishing Tsavkegh continued success on her academic journey.
Dear Nigerians, Benue State Government,
Sponsors and Scholarships can start coming in now.


Another high-achieving student from Akwa Ibom scored 347 in the 2024 UTME.

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