200 choir members set to perform at white wedding of Veekee James

A team of 200 choirs are set to perform at the white wedding of the renowned Nigerian designer, Veekee James and her partner James On February 10th.

It is worth noting that since their engagement during their Bachelor’s Eve celebration, the couple has garnered significant attention as online sensations.

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Amidst the wedding preparations, a video emerged online showcasing the choir members geared up to perform on the stylist’s special day.

Over 200 choristers were said to be ready to enrich the white wedding with their melodious voices, all adorned in white overall robes.

200 choir members set to perform at white wedding of Veekee James

The video has since garnered mixed reactions on social media from users who gushed over how elaborate their wedding ceremony is.

Reactions trailing 200 choirs team at white wedding of Veekee James

phenomenal_nurse said: “Girl this wedding should be on live stream I’m here for allllll of eeet.”

joan_jaie stated: “This would have been me but it would be too “English “ for my mom. Patiently waiting for my kids weddings.”

dor.collectionns noted: “I felt this was a church before I read the caption. Today nah TODAY.”

mystizinny penned: “Omo Vekee money long oo…in this economy she pulled it off.”

oft_ajebota reacted: “Omo them suppose air this wedding for DSTV.”

kendis_lov wrote: “Wow , this is beautiful. Biko make una no vex ohh . What happen between veekee and mizwanneka ? I no va se her anywhere and na bestie them ohh.”


Watch the video below …

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