Entertainment News Yvonne Nelson Opens Up On How Her Dad Betrayed Her!

Yvonne Nelson Opens Up On How Her Dad Betrayed Her!


Actress Yvonne Nelson has opened up on her father abandoning her when she was a child.

In the new edition of Genevieve Magazine which she covers she opens up some more about how her father never wanted her and subsequently didn’t play a part in her life.

She said:

When I was born, I guess, my father was not happy about my birth, so he wasn’t there for me. He chose not to be a part of my life; a single mother raised me. She trained me from kindergarten to University. My father was never there. Even though I have an amazing stepfather, I always wished I could have had him in my life. That created a vacuum in my childhood. But I’m grateful that I had my mum and she did all she could to make sure that I lacked nothing.

She speaks also about failed promises made by her father.

When I was younger, I met him and I told him I wanted a pair of shoes for Christmas and he told me, he was going to buy me three or four pairs. My excitement knew no bounds when he said that. Guess what? He never fulfilled that promise; I waited for those shoes for a very long time, but they never came. At a point I asked my mum, and she said, listen, if he wanted to do as he said, your shoes would have gotten here a long time ago, so better move on. At another time, while he was in London I asked him to take me with him. And he told me not to worry, that he would come for me. I waited and waited, and he never did. The two times he ever promised me something when I was growing up, he failed to fulfill them. That has never left my mind.

Yvonne also spoke about how she found out she had a surprise brother

While I was in school, I had a brother in my class and I never knew. We both didn’t know, until one day when a teacher told us and then showed us our records as proof.

She added,

My dad is not such an amazing person in my life. I don’t have any good memories of him.



  1. Yvonne dear, pls ask God to give u a forgiving heart so dat you can forgive ur father. You were luky to have a dress but no shoes, u were even luky he listened to you n promised u the shoes just dat it didnt come. Yvonne,what would u have done if he rejected ur offer right at ur face mmh, tell me now which of the shoes do u want to buy dat u wont be able to? Yvonne somepeople went to hail becose of their fathers but they still love them. Forgive ur father for God to bless u more!please God knows the best!! This is to help you understand people without a father!

  2. Yvonne Nelson has to understand that there’s nothing that’s unforgivable. yes her daddy didn’t play a role and broke promises with which she could have felt her daddy’s need and love for her but went the contrary. but let it go. ur mommy was there. forgiving ur daddy today isn’t about forgetting what had happen but letting go the hurt.i love yu Yvonne but i read certain comments. i feel u living ur past. there’s so much within u need to set free to have inner peace.

  3. Hey! girl stop blaming everybody on ur failure.You blamed Nigeria boyfds the other day,now is ur dad. Serios Ooo

  4. I ve gon thru de same tin buh ive muvd on.. cox lyf goes on… learn to let go.. id dasnt subtract anifin frm ur lyf.. yh.. we all mke mistakes… I Luv U bae

  5. she never said u loved her father than Nigeria men. we always think it’s bad when a black tells his or her story. to me, since she made it without the father’s promises no need to be close to him again. she can forgive but not call him father.


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