News Young Nigerian Guy Weds Elderly Oyinbo Woman In Lagos, Then This Happened...

Young Nigerian Guy Weds Elderly Oyinbo Woman In Lagos, Then This Happened (PHOTOS)


There was serious drama at the Ikoyi registry yesterday, January 21, after a 32-year-old Nigerian man shouted in jubilation saying ‘Help me thank God, I don marry Oyinbo!!!’ after he married an older white woman.

According to the report by Chris Ayo Joseph (@officialchrisay on Instagram), the shout of the groom who already has two children and a wife in Ondo state, caused a scene at the registry. It is believed the harsh condition of things might have forced him into the act or it might just be true love. But, he couldn’t hide his joy.

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Read how it was reported by Chris Ayo:

“Help Me Thank God…I Don Marry Oyinbo!!!

“Ba mi dupe luwo oluwa ooo.. Mo ti fe oyinbo, jesu seun” (Help me thank God, I’ve married a white). Those were the words of this young man while receiving a phone call, just after tying the knot with this white woman at the Ikoyi registry earlier today.

“Apparently, I was meant to understand that such thing happens almost everyday at the registry. Young Nigerian men come in with different foreign “oldie mama youngie’s”, all for the paper’s and the Chedda. It’s more a like trend!

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  1. Well, d guy may have married her bcos of her financial status. Maybe d woman is rich.. How can a young man marry an elderly oyinbo woman? You called this love? Like who does that

  2. Some Nigerian men r so stupid…. So, he is calling this marriage “out of love” abi? Well, that’s his own cup of tea

  3. My own be say what green card has joined together let no immigration put asunder …. HML Bruh..

  4. Getting married to a woman that has stopped menstruation in the name of grabbing the green card(stay)…..

  5. No job,suffer too much 4 naija my guy if dis na d only way for u abeg marry her love go com later on peace.1 love


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