Entertainment News Celebrity Gist World’s Tallest Man Dies At 26, Photos

World’s Tallest Man Dies At 26, Photos


The World’s tallest man, Pornchai Saosri,has died at the age of 26.

Pornchai Saosri, whose height measurement was a massive 8ft 8ins (269cm), died because of several illnesses as a result of his abnormal condition.

According to the Bangkok post, Pornchai was bedridden and being cared for by his father Saran, 60, his mother Mrs Woen, 56, and their 15-year-old granddaughter before his death.



  1. I wonder what might be the lenght of his coffin then. But, i guess he’ll now rest “n” peace.

  2. Like some girls would only be interested in the length of his ‘thing’ now Rest in the bossom of whom/what you believed in(pray it’s Christ tho)

  3. Now I c why people do say sorry for the lost.. Dis is a tall lost meeeen. Ayiooooooo oooooo

  4. Dis is why people do say SORRY FOR THE LOST. dis is a tall lost meeeen. Ayiooooooo oooooo

  5. i believed death is final either will like it or not. I pray my his soul rest in perfect peace amen.

  6. Ofcourse I always know he won’t live long since the height is an abnomality,complications r bound to arise at anytime,anyways rip bro atleats u made gueness book of world record before u departed us,rip once again

  7. I wish you a long and lengthy heaven. In your next life, I guess you would plead with a God to give you a shorter height.


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