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World’s most expensive e-cigarette covered in 246 diamonds is created for girlfriend of Russian oligarch


It is the ultimate bling birthday present for a wealthy Russian billionaire’s girlfriend who has everything but wants to give up smoking – at a cost of more than half a million pounds.

The £550,000 diamond encrusted custom-made electronic vaping machine was manufactured on the personal order of an anonymous London-based Russian oil magnate.

The masterpiece – which took four and a half months to create – is laden with 246 flawless two-carat clear crystal diamonds each worth £1,800. 

Bling: Diamond encrusted Shisha Stick allows lucky users to cut back on cigarettes and satisfy their cravings in the most sparkly of styles
One source said: ‘It is lined with 46 yellow Swarovski crystals and has a six-carat oval diamond worth £46,000 on the tip.’ 

It also features ‘authentic hand blown Italian glass from the Venetian island of Murano’ and is finished with 24-carat gold button and clearomizer base.

The creation is a tsar among the new trend of custom-made electronic vaping devices – even if it seems to come straight out of the TV show Meet the Russians. 

It even has its own name – ‘Shisha Sticks Sofia’. It is not known if this is a clue about the identify of the owner who received it as a birthday gift from her tycoon boyfriend. He is keen to remain anonymous.

Anthony Mixides from makers Shisha Sticks said: ‘This was a dream brief for us. 

‘We were asked to design the ultimate shisha vaping device for class, style and luxury.

Expensive tastes: The cast of Meet the Russians have all made names for themselves out of the wealth and luxurious lifestyles – and they may now have their eyes on similar statement accessories
‘We were told that, within reason, money was no object on the project. 

‘Once the design was approved we set about sourcing the finest diamonds, yellow crystals, glass and gold available. 

‘It took over four months to design, but this is without doubt the finest shisha stick ever produced.’

The billionaire demanded ‘nothing but the very best’, added a source. 

As a guessing game got underway as to the identities of the benefactor, it appeared the best-known Russian tycoon, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, was ruled out since he is not British-based. 

Shisha Sticks is a UK company supplying electronic shisha vaping devices claiming to “provide the finest and ultimate smoking experience without any of the harmful toxins”.


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